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What light gives for us? Light gives the feeling of comfort, light increase sales productivity in business, light saves and cures our bodies, light carries increadible show in our lives.  New technologies can "turn on" Yous shop, fix one's eyes on to the shop window and showcases, change colours of background with remote, or light scenario presets for whole apartment gently lying on sofa. The Company PM GROUP specialize in audit, designing, supply and montage  lightning, equipment and control systems. Even, and in this minute, PM GROUP technologies still stay with You.

Управлем светом легко и просто с COLORPLAY




New products of the season 2019/20 in one catalog: readers - pleasing to the eye increased color rendering, designers - concise design in the variant of black and white body, all - extended warranty on all products (36 months) - new TOSSA More...


Museums light

Review LED Light for museums, galleries, collectors  - EU manufactured Dedolight, HK Led lights Leding -S-W-Seris,  RAMO from France, МастерСвет from Russia: High CRI, professional optics, safety     More...

20 - noah - 2020
The newest gallery lamp OVEGA on CREE LEDs, with multifocus 25-60, selector of 5 white light CCT, 25-step dimmer is available. Pre-order, testing and presentations on +7 343 268 70 03 and  info(a)
27 - august - 2020
18 - Mar - 2020
21 - February - 2020
Russian porcelain of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Opening of a new permanent exhibition in the Russian Hall of EMII: the factories of Gardner, Kornilov, Popov and the first in Yekaterinburg showcase system of lamps with magnetic suspension and "accurate" light ART MAG on CREEsources.


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Light for Arts

imageHigh precision light for museums, galleries and private collections

Свет в магазине

imageТри уровня освещения для витрин: вну- тривитринное, надвитринное, общее

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Солнечные лампы

Лампы для профилактики недостатка солнечного света с Innolux BrignLight  - лучший скандинавский продукт по версии RedDot   Подробнее...

Встройка Nepheline

Серия LED светильников для витрин Nephelline стойка в новом дизайне "точеный металл" - черные и серебряные и в цвете золотом цвете    Подробнее...
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